Dani Arcadia - Dani and the Wand of Binding


Sexy Dani Arcadia finds her step-sister's new toy, a magic wand with a very special ability. Dani doesn't know it yet, but she's come across the Wand of Binding. She accidentally taps it against her cheek and duct tape instantly seals her mouth. Much to her surprise, she not only can't talk, she can't remove the tape no matter how hard she tries. When she taps the wand against her hand, rope binds her wrists together. Another tap against her arm and she has a bikini harness attached. Two final taps against her legs and ropes bind her ankle and thighs. She throws away the wand in fear but it's too late. She's thoroughly bound and gagged and likely to remain so until someone comes along to break the spell!


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