Kobe Lee - G.A.G.M.E. U: Teacher's Pet

23:27 video


Kobe opens the door to her office and lets the PoV inside and invites them to come in and have a seat. The PoV sits while watch Kobe hovers around her and delivers her lines.
KOBE: Hello! Thank you so much for coming to see me after class today. I thought this would be a great opportunity for you and me to talk. I wanted to tell you that you may be one of the most gifted students I have had here at the Girl’s Academy for Gifted Magic and Escapology, or yes, GAGME U to you students.
(Kobe finds a box full of ropes and puts it on a desk)
KOBE: I saw how those two girls were picking on you today in class. Clearly, they are jealous of your capability. But I see all the potential in you. It gets me VERY excited. In fact, I don’t think either of those girls will be speaking with you…or speaking at all, any time soon. Do you want to see for yourself? Why don’t you walk right into my private study and see what I mean for yourself…
(The PoV gets up and walks toward a doorway nearby and the door cracks open. The scene fades out before the door opens and we can see what is inside. In the room is a quick clip of two girls tied to one another).
KOBE: Oh, don’t worry about them. I have some “special projects” that they can help me with. But you, on the other hand. I want you to do something for me, well, do something to me actually.
(Kobe gets out all the ropes and a roll of tape. Then she finds a special magic wand).
KOBE: Do you know what this is? It’s wand of binding. Very ancient and powerful. First year students never get to use this. However, I want you to show me what you can do with it. I want to see if you can tie me up and gag me to your full potential. Show me you can master me- I mean, the art of bondage…I’ll give you extra credit, if you know what I mean? You can pick anything you want. But just know, I am a leading member of the Escapology faculty here for a reason. So, do your worst! Maybe we’ll discover some other powers you might have.
(Kobe hands her Wand of Binding to the PoV. Kobe stands back and prepares for the spells to activate and bind her. The PoV waves the wand and some kind of special effect removes Kobe’s clothes down to her sexy and classy lingerie).
KOBE: Oooh, I like what you’re thinking. What are you going to do to me? What’s next? A nice quiet gag for me?
(After another special effect, Kobe is gagged with a tape-gag.)
(Kobe becomes very sexually excited with the PoV. She tries to talk dirty to the PoV, begging the PoV for more and what she’ll do to get it! Kobe begs the PoV to tie her up! The PoV agrees and casts the wand one final time)
(After a third and final effect/transition, Kobe is now tied up in an intricate box-tie, with an equally uncomfortable and intricate crotch-tope. Kobe’s thighs and legs are also bound. She is completely trussed up and standing up. She screams with excitement and success and struggles enthusiastically in front of the POV trying to tell her that she’s done it!)
(The PoV is startled and drops the wand, and she flees the scene. Kobe screams for the PoV to come back and untie her. Kobe ends up struggling on the floor and begging for help while trying to reach the wand to un-do the spell. Eventually she finds it.)
SEQUENCE 2- 8-10 Mins
Set-Up Notes
• Setting is all in a well-lighted Bedroom
• Kobe is dressed in a cute and flirty PJ outfit, which means just a sexy, small, tight fitting t-shirt and cute panties to match. BONUS: Some kind of College Looking T-Shirt in whatever colors you think GAGME U should be. Let’s flesh out this school! Haha.
• Kobe’s hair is down and she is of course in full make-up to go to bed, because that makes total sense.
• Kobe is on the phone with a fellow professor talking about something, and she is ready to go to XXXX for the night.
• Scene requires blue leatherette ballgag
(Kobe playfully slinks into the opening shot near her bed. She is on the phone with another member of the faculty, telling the person on the phone about her new student. Kobe checks herself out in front of the PoV as if it is a mirror. Then she will make her way to the bed and lay down. As she talks the colleague, here are some ideas for what to talk about. These are suggestions that are open to improvising as needed, not strict lines)
KOBE: …yeah, so I really think she is the real thing. You and I have been doing this a long time, and no one has bound and gagged me like that, and it felt AMAZING! I couldn’y talk, like at all, and I couldn’t move. …I know, most of these idiot girls are just learning a proper tape gagging method let alone trying to use the magical binding devices we have around here, but this one, she’s way ahead of the rest…I think she has the real gift of magic…yes, I’ll send you my finding in the morning…no, I do not think she has the power to enter dreams, but I have to tell you I would not mind if she did…I know, but so few girls possess that kind of power….okay, yes goodnight Dr. Adams.
(Kobe hangs up the phone and gets under the covers of her bed. She closes her eyes and begins to think about her student. She bites her lip and begins touching herself, or at the very least it LOOKS like she is rubbing one out under the covers until she falls aXXXX.)
(On the Fade In, Kobe has entered a dream sequence. Kobe still under the covers, but she is now Gagged with the blue ballgag. Kobe wakes up and throws off the covers and sits up in the bed.)
(Kobe is much more confused than she is frightened. To her, she kind of realizes this is a dream. She makes a brief attempt to remove the gag but nothing works. She discovers a small key on her nightstand. This key will unlock her gag and she knows this. But, the PoV arrives in the room and they make eye-contact before she finishes unlocking the gag.)
(The PoV, we presume to be her student/crush, enters her bedroom and interrupts. Kobe stops what she is going and becomes excited to see her. Kobe instinctively know what she wants. She gets on her knees on the bed and acts very submissive. She hands the POV the key to her gag.)
(Kobe nods her head and begins a slow and sexy flirtation with the POV. She makes extended and longing eye contact with the PoV she desires. She does whatever she can to try and seduce the PoV with her eyes, body and sexy movements she makes. Kobe eventually comes to masturbate with her panties on for the PoV and makes mmph’s of pleasure and climax. As she does this, the PoV moves closer and closer to her until the video eventually fades out and the dream ends.)
(Was it her dream? Kobe wakes up in her bed and looks around desperately for the POV…she does not find her and is disappointed…until she finds the ballgag on her bed!)

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